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About Us

We are a recruiting firm founded in May 2021. Our main firm is located in Burlington, Ontario. We help individuals and existing businesses with specialized recruitment by providing 360° recruitment strategies. For individuals currently seeking new job opportunities, we can guide you through the process of finding the best suited work environment. For businesses seeking qualified professionals, we can provide you with perfectly matched staff based on your specific requirements with our pool of candidates. In all cases, we will guide you through our complete process while providing exceptional customer service top market information and advice from our experts.  


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Hello, I am Amanda Evans, Founder of PURE Consultants. I have been in the recruiting industry for over 14 years, with 13 years experience building and managing teams throughout the GTA, and I have learned one thing to be very true - whether you are an employee seeking to take pride in the company you work for, or if you’re an employer looking for quality professionals to represent your brand - everyone wants to feel a sense of accomplishment and success in their work environment.  However, making the right connection can be difficult, time-consuming and often times very discouraging. I take great pride in ensuring that each opportunity to extend our services is met with respect and honesty, offering our clients and candidates a sense of confidence and security in our ability to represent your needs and goals as expected. Come and explore PURE Consultants, let us support your needs today! 

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